Dream board

April 2, 2015
diy dream board string art nails wood embroidery floss whitewash dining room wall art

Since the beginning of our table and chair refurb, I have sincerely begun falling in love with this space in our house. It’s my favorite place to congregate and mingle with my tiny family and when we have guests. There’s just something special that happens around a dinner table; something that I can’t fully put into words. But it’s a bonding place. A sharing space. And I have become quite dedicated to getting it finished. Continue Reading…

Adoption, Selah


March 6, 2015

March 6th.

She was the chubbiest little 5 month-old. Leg rolls for days, and a smile accentuated by the most adorable double chin… The kind that’s only adorable when you’re a baby. And that fat little baby in that polka-dotted dress completely rocked my world. Continue Reading…

The Everyday

When you’re moved

February 18, 2015

We’re three months into our cross-states move.

Around mid October, 2014, we were just freshly grieving the loss of my Dad when Jeremy’s job of 4 years dropped us without warning. Literally. The day before my Dad’s memorial service, and we find out we don’t have a job anymore. Talk about the definition of suck. From there, I feel like everything was such a whirlwind. Continue Reading…


#uglyoakrefurb (Part chair)

February 13, 2015
ugly oak refurb antique captains chairs before and after bulls eye primer valspar latex pain rustoleum polyurethane sealer distressed finished product

Finally! Let’s not discuss how long it took me to finish this part of the ugly oak refurb project. Also, I’ll confess that after alllllll this time, I’ve only gotten ONE chair out of SIX completed.

Want to know why? Because a very detailed chair is a pain in the booty to refurbish. Spindle. Spindle. Spindle. Continue Reading…


Lonely girl ragu

February 4, 2015
made from scratch sauce ruxrigatoni button mushrooms onion spinach parmesan italian sausage

Yeah. Weird title. I know. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Stick with me.

This is just a little dish I came up with some time ago when my husband went on a business trip. He’s not a big pasta person (I think I mentioned that in my last food post! Ha!), so I took the opportunity to enjoy every carb-loaded bite. Continue Reading…

Adoption, Selah, The Everyday

Sleeping beauty

January 27, 2015

Sweet girl, one day you will know the true value of a nap. The benefits that a little shut-eye can bring to our mind, body, and spirit. The advantage to just taking a little break, shutting out the world around, and escaping to a worry free land for an hour or two.

One day, when you rock some kid’s world when you become their mommy, you will know the truth of my words for all these years when I try to make sense to you of how important nap time is for me, too. Continue Reading…


#uglyoakrefurb (part table)

January 22, 2015
ugly oak refurb finished product

This piece, by far, might be my favorite project I’ve ever tackled. It is so rewarding to pay very little for a piece of furniture that needs a little TLC, and watch it transform into a beautiful piece (that many people pay A LOT of money for in an antique store) with just a little creativity, time, and effort!

None of the projects I ever take on are “hard”. The work entailed is easy enough for anyone to do, it just takes time. So find some patience, and give your ugly dining table a makeover. Especially if it’s blonde oak like mine was! Continue Reading…


Time-out chair

January 15, 2015
tiny white chair refurb original before paint diy chalk paint

We moved over 700 miles from home just a few months ago. The move came suddenly and unexpectedly, so to relieve ourselves a little with moving expenses, and for the sake of room in the 17ft truck, we sold nearly every piece of furniture we owned. And upon arriving in North Carolina, we almost immediately started over with furnishing the house. Craigslist has been a huge help, and I’m telling you – people here get rid of the best stuff! Continue Reading…


Pho love

January 12, 2015
homemade vietnamese beef noodle soup pho ingredients bean sprouts lime cilantro fish sauce hoison sriracha cinnamon clove ginger onion fennel cheesecloth

My man and I are so opposite in so many ways.

I like pasta, he doesn’t.
I opt to relax to some beautiful folk music, he prefers rocking out to Linkin Park.
I like clean and orderly, he barely notices.

But if there is one thing we can ALWAYS agree on, it’s beef noodle soup.  Forever agreeable.  Vietnamese style.  Pho. Continue Reading…